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about us

MultiCraft is based and began in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada. The idea was to provide great quality craft items to the Trade Sector at reasonable prices. President and Owner Rick Kumar, grew up in a entrepreneurial family environment actively involved in the craft industry. He felt many of the finer items in the craft market were quite expensive for the average Craft Lover’s budget. There were items which many households would not purchase due to these high costs. Rick envisioned a great opportunity to get these products made in larger volumes, thereby decreasing the costs. By slightly changing, enhancing, improving, and streamlining the design, production and distribution methods of these fine craft items, his plan was to get all pricing down to levels that all consumer incomes could enjoy. Our talented teams work tirelessly & diligently with over 140 factory partners, to make sure the production methods and quality assurance are always up to our high standards. At MultiCraft we are dedicated to making creativity affordable by offering the latest and greatest in General & Kids Crafts, Decorative Painting, Paper Crafting, Beading & Jewelry, Home Décor and much more at the lowest prices. We are committed and proud to provide you with value driven, quality Arts & Craft products. Thank you for sharing in our world.

how do we do this?

Our Company has several Teams that work together to make all this magic happen.

Our Sourcing Team scours factories all over the globe to find the lowest cost, while offering the best quality. We purchase in large volumes to bring low prices to you.

Our Marketing Team identifies the latest trends, the best designs and colors of each item. Our Graphics Team designs Industry leading designs, packaging and artwork to make your selections look great and help our products fly off the shelves.

Our Compliance and Legal team makes sure that every single item we offer is compliant with strict safety standards now in effect throughout the over 30 Countries MultiCraft currently exports to. This is especially important for items designated for children. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in product testing to maintain high quality standards, with Testing & Safety reports always available on demand.

Our Logistics team arranges and manages the expedient movement of freight around the world, from factories to our fulfillment facilities & Chain Distribution Centers, and out to our retail partners around the globe, as fast and cost effective as possible.

Our Sales and Customer Service Departments are there for your every need; anything from assisting with merchandising, help with expediting orders, and general product enquiries.